Our Story

The Elderberry Smoothie and Wrap Store was born in August 2001, the “dream” of its entrepreneurial owners, Alan and Diane Elder. Alan Elder, a former Marine with Universities of Old Dominion and Virginia Tech behind him, started his career as a food and beverage operations manager with Marriott Hotels. His wife Diane, also a Virginia Tech graduate, gained experience in sales and marketing with Marriott Hotels and the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center. Together their 15/18 years of complementary experiences paved the way for the Elders to achieve their long-held dream of owning and operating their own family business. The result was the birth of Elderberry’s in Roanoke, VA in 2001. With their three children at the time – Madison (10), Bradley (8) and Nicholas (3) – the Elderberry story soon became a thriving family business. The word in town soon became a loud “hurrah” for the best smoothies and wraps at Elderberry’s. Civic awards and culinary commendations followed quickly, and the Elder family continued to satisfy its growing customer base with scrumptious and appealing products.

The Elderberry’s business name is, of course, a marriage of the Elderberry fruit itself with the family name. The berries of the Elderberry tree have been known for centuries to possess valuable medicinal properties in addition to its common use in preparing Elderberry wine, soda, jams and jellies. The Elderberry fruits are a good source of vitamins A, B and C. At the Roanoke Elderberry’s you may even partake of fresh elderberries shipped in from places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and even Europe. The “Elderberry” is the smoothie of yester-year with raspberry and cranberry juices, strawberries, elderberries and orange sherbet. Refreshing, healthful, delicious!

A visit to Elderberry’s is always a delight — from the warm welcome of an Elder family member to the pleasant service of the store’s many menu items of smoothies, wraps, soups, teas and complementary products. The Elder children have become an integral part of the business, often helping on site when their schooling and sports activities have permitted. Madison, for example, began making smoothies and creating new recipes before the store’s opening, and she has become quite a connoisseur at tasting and critiquing smoothies offered at other establishments in other cities she has visited. With her artistic flair, she has also provided the graphics for the fun chalkboards and painted the wall canvasses in the store. Bradley has also been a great helper on the register or assisting Alan with his wraps. Even Nicholas is now able to assist with the wraps too.

After six years of operations, the Roanoke Elderberry’s has moved to its present location in the West Village Center at 3555-E Electric Road, Roanoke, VA 24018. This larger location with its additional seating and space allows the Elders to offer its great products to an ever-growing clientele base.

Perhaps the future will yield further growth of the Elderberry business in different cities and different states. For information on partnering opportunities with The Elders, contact Diane at dianelder@gmail.com.  The opportunity for growth and further success is there! And at Elderberry’s you are assured it will always be “bon appetit.”